Orthopedic Treatment For Pulled Hamstring

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Hamstrings are a group of muscles running at the back of the upper thigh. They are responsible for proper bending of the knee and assist in moving the upper leg backwards. When these muscles get torn or excessively strained, the condition is termed as Pulled Hamstring. It is commonly seen in sportspersons like runners, skaters, football, soccer, and basketball players.

Types of pulled hamstrings-

  • Grade 1-   Stretched muscle fibers
  • Grade 2-   Partial tear of muscle of tendon fibers
  • Grade 3-   Complete tear of muscle fibers


  • Not warming up before exercise
  • Tight thigh muscles
  • Weak glutes (muscles which make up the buttock)
  • Wearing poor footwear


  • Sudden and extreme pain in the thighs during exercise that gives a snapping or popping feeling.
  • Pain in the back of the thighs radiating to lower buttocks while bending, walking or straightening the leg.
  • Bruising at the site of the injury
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tenderness


  • The doctor may ask question about previous occurrence of an injury followed by a physical examination. In this the doctor palpates the affected area to assess swelling and tenderness.
  • In case the doctor suspects that the pain is due to a fracture or deformity in pelvis, femur, or knee he may suggest to take certain imaging tests such as x-ray or MRI Scans.


  • Rest – To relieve the symptoms the doctor may ask the patient to avoid putting weight on the injured leg and take rest for some time.
  • Icing – To alleviate pain and swelling the patient can be asked to ice the injured area after every twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Compression – The doctor may ask the patient to wear an elastic bandage around the leg to reduce inflammation.
  • Elevation - The patient may be asked to keep his leg elevated by the help of a pillow while sitting or lying down. This may help to decrease pain.
  • Medication – Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed by the doctor to eliminate pain and other symptoms.
  • Exercises – The doctor may recommend muscle stretching and strengthening exercises to reduce muscle strain.
  • Crutches – If the condition is severe and there is extreme pain, the doctor may suggest the patients to take the support of crutches while walking.

Prevention tips:

  • Stop exercising if you feel that back of thigh is becoming stiffened
  • Do not play with injured leg, give it proper time to heal
  • Take proper nutrition

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