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Knee is the largest and strongest joint in the body, it is made up of femur (thighbone), tibia (shinbone) and patella (kneecap). Young athletes who do not perform enough stretching and strengthening exercises before training or game play, often experience pain in their knees. This condition is referred to as Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain and is commonly observed in young girls.

Causes –

  • Weakness in the quadriceps muscles
  • Imbalanced hamstrings
  • Problem in hip and leg alignments
  • Wearing improper sports equipment
  • Overdoing sports activities


  • Persistent pain in the knee
  • Popping or crackling sounds herd while walking or climbing stairs
  • Affliction while doing the activities that require bending such as squatting, jumping running etc.

Diagnosis –

The doctor may start by physically examining the patient to determine the cause of pain. For this, he may ask the patient to stand, walk, jump or squat.
During the examination the doctor may also check –

  • Lower leg’s alignment and position of the patella
  • Knee’s stability and hip’s range of motion
  • Signs of tenderness
  • Tightness of the heel cord and flexibility of the feet

To further visualize the structure, the doctor may ask the patients to get an X-ray or MRI scan. These imaging tests allow the doctor to have a clearer view of the bones and tissues that may have been affected. It also helps doctors to understand the root cause of the pain.


Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain can be easily treated with the following conservative mode of treatments.

  • Modifying Routine Activities – The doctor may advise the patients to avoid activities that lead to pain. He may ask the patients to do low impact activities, which do not lay too much stress on the knee.
  • Physical Therapy Exercises – Patients may be asked to perform muscle strengthening and stretching exercises to increase knee’s range of motion and restore its functionality.
  • Icing – Putting ice over the affected knee may help to eliminate affliction and inflammation.
  • Correct Footwear - The doctor may advise the patients to wear insoles and orthotics that provide support to the foot and keep the knee at proper position.
  • Medication - Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines may be recommended to the patients to alleviate the symptoms.

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