Knee Protection During Winters

by Administrator 30. October 2017 11:42

Joint pain is rampant in winters and for those suffering from problems like Arthritis, it is an even bigger problem.

One cause of such pains is the change in the atmospheric pressure around us also known as barometric pressure. A drop in the air pressure around us results in swelling of tissues around the joints leading to more pain. Another cause that rheumatologists point at is the increased viscosity of the tissues in the joints. This decreases the natural elasticity of the muscles, which exasperates the aches and pains in our joints.

There is one more underrated cause of joint paints and that is depression. Researchers have found a link between seasonal depression and an increase in the intensity of joint aches. People prone to depression tend to go out less in winters and that worsens the condition of their joints.

The following are some tips to protect knee joints in the dead of winter:


It is a no brainer that exercising is the key to healthy joints. It keeps the blood flowing and this means the joints remain supple and pain free. Good blood flow is critical when it comes to joints. Those suffering from Winter Arthritis will benefit from low impact activities such as swimming, resistance training and cycling at a slow speed. Stationery bikes are ideal for the purpose.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water is the solution to most of our health problems. It also helps in lubricating the cartilage between the joints. This inevitably leads to less friction between the joints and resultant less pain. High water consumption also takes care of bodyweight and this means less stress on the joints.

Physical Therapy And Massage

For those with chronic pain, physical therapy is great for strengthening the tissues around the knee joints. Massaging the joints keeps the blood flowing. It is recommended to massage the knee joints at least once a week and this should be done up to 8 weeks for optimal results.

Heated Pools

Swimming in heated pools is highly beneficial in reducing knee pain. It soothes the joints in addition to being a great low impact workout.

Dressing Up

During winters, the slightest negligence in keeping us protected from its blistering winds and cold chills can be detrimental to the knee joints. Layering up clothes trap in the body warmth, which is great for joints. Wear shoes with good tread and avoid slippery places.

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